The details of Winifred’s birth will forever remain a mystery, as she was born before ‘The Lady.’ The Lady was the forceful application of Locket's Law onto the Kivouack. This occurred after the death of Locket's mother, Freyda. Winifred quickly rallied behind Locket and assisted in the creation of their new world order, The Age of Locket's Law. Winifred created the Kivouachian fighting force, the Yolsh and became the first Voice of the Yolsh, until her promotion to Grand Whisper after the war was won. Locket then ruled as the Grand Voice of all the Kivouack and set about building ‘the Underbirth’ the first of many Kivouachian cities, spherical in nature, with the creatures living inside it like a reverse planet, gravity bending to suit Locket's design. 


Winifred was one of the most highly regarded and feared politicians of the Kivouack,  infamous for her temper and  ruthlessness but famed for her beauty and angelic voice. She played a part in some of the most scandalous schemes in the history of the Empire. Winifred's name echoed through the Kivouack like thunder. In her youth, Winifred was a deviant, often looking for excuses to humiliate and fondle those she found attractive. One such creature was a mate of Lucy’s, before Celia entered the frame, a messenger called Felicity. Winifred would send her on impossible errands with the intent of punishing her whenever she inevitably failed. Another one of Winifred's favorite playthings was a Yolsh fighter named Dorothy, a creature who made Winifred jealous with her size and strength and so was shamed, constantly and publicly. Fleischer also served as her ‘throne’ for a while, after being found guilty of aiding the sick and wounded. Winifred had a very complicated relationship with Lucy. She had a close rivalry with Lacemaker in the Kivouack political arena, as Lucy was not bound to serve her wishes due to her title as Judge and Voice of the Court.


After many years, ‘Mandus’ became the word on all Kivouachian lips. A creature of horrors who stole away their kind, never to be seen again. Soon after, Winifred went missing. Locket remained silent about the disappearance of her life long friend and the dreadful Winifred was presumed to be no more. Yet, much like Lucy Lacemaker, another ‘victim’ of Mandus, she showed up again. Only her eyes were rendered useless, her body reeked of weakness and her once powerful voice, along with the secrets of what happened to her, was locked away inside her forever. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's her sexuality? -

It seems Winifred is asexual, she does not appear to be attracted to either gender. She never engages in acts of affection and is rather cold to the idea of love, at least in modern times. Winifred was once famous for her past addiction to sex.


How does Winifred view Fleisher's kindness? -

Winifred is very docile in her current state and doesn't like help or affection. She allows Lucy to toy with her and even keeps herself in a constant state of pain. She's clearly guilty about something and feels she must be punished. Fleisher means well but in actual fact, only hurts her with his kindness.


Has she always been mute? -

Winifred has the ability to talk, she just chooses not to. She hasn't spoken a single word for countless years. 


What are Winifred's abilities? -

The same as all Kivouachians, the creatures of the Kivouack evolved in such a way that allowed them to defy matter, they can rewrite their bodies at a cellular level. This means they are immortal and very hard to kill. Winifred, however, has lost her control over her abilities. She can survive high amounts of damage, but she may never have the strength to restore herself to her past beauty or ferocity.


What happened to her eyes? -

Winifred's eyes where taken from her and replaced with functionless duds. Her eyes where famously the most enchanting of all of the Kivouack.


What's her bond with Ludwig -

Winifred seems to trust Ludwig in an odd way, but she also fears him.


Does she favour Fleisher more than others? -

Winifred gets frustrated with Fleisher as the more he helps her, the worse she feels. She does trust him more than most though.


Does she have an hobbies? -

Winifred loves books, she's always in search of new braille literature to run her fingers across. She also loves water and swimming, despite her vision. She used to sing, but obviously, doesn't any longer. When Lucy is humiliating her, she doesn't resist, most likely due to her weakened state or perhaps she has just accepted Lucy as a more dominant figure. It is believed by Shuck that Winifred actually likes humiliation.


Does she get new scars often? -

Whenever she is stressed and feeling too happy.


What does she eat? -

Winifred drinks a lot of water and eats various insects around the house. She has the capacity for larger animals, but can't hunt like the others.


What's her freak out mode? -

Her Kivouachian body reacts to her mental state and stress.


Does she know what the others look like? -

She does, although she hasn't set eyes on them for billions of years, since she lost her vision.


What happened to her antler? -

Damaged in combat.


Does she have a crush on anyone? -

No, her ability to feel attraction to another is long gone. She has a sex drive like anyone else, but that's just primal and has nothing to do with romance.


What's her favourite season? -

She likes the Summer, warmth relaxes her. It's also the only time of year that she can swim in the lake without freezing to death.


How keen are her other senses? -

She has an excellent sense of smell and acute ears. She can navigate the house and surrounding forests extremely efficiently.


.  Created and led the Yolsh.

.  Served as Grand Whisper to Locket.

.  Famed for her singing voice, and temper.

.  Used Fleisher's contorted body as a throne.

.  Was jealous of Lucy Lacemaker.

.  Lost her sense of pride during her time with Mandus.

.  Had the ability to speak, but chooses not to.

.  Likes to be humiliated.

.  Can still be very aggressive.

.  Deeply misses her old friend, Locket.

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