Little is known about Wexle's childhood, only that she fought in ‘The Lady’ for the application of Locket's Law. She was one of the first supporters of Locket and was immediately recognised for her effectiveness on the battlefield. After the Yolsh was formed, Wexle served directly under Hayden and ventured throughout the Madness Frontier to rain down death and humiliation upon any who opposed Locket. It was during this time that Wexle truly tuned her skills in combat and received one on one training from Hayden. Wexle soon became one of the most notorious enforcers of Locket's Law.


After the war, Wexle kept to her duties as a Yolsh, which entailed seeking out corruption within the Underbirth and swiftly stomping it out. She had a famous rivalry with Fontaine who ran an underground criminal empire within the Underbirth. Frustratingly, he was never found guilty of any crimes due to his meticulous nature. Wexle became obsessed with catching him, but that was literally impossible as Fontaine was close friends with Sombra, the Voice of Records and oldest living Kivouachian. Sombra held extreme power in the Thumme and kept his friend in the clear. After Ludwig and Lucy Lacemaker hit the scene, Wexle's life became a nightmare as Fontaine and Sombra placed them at the heart of the government, with Lucy serving as Voice of the Court, and Ludwig serving as Whisper to Winifred.  


When Mandus became a present threat, Wexle once again ventured into the Madness Frontier to patrol the surrounding environment. Yet it wouldn’t be until Ludwig abandoned his post to find Lucy that Wexle would finally meet the true enemy. Upon catching up with Ludwig, her team was set upon by a disciple of Mandus, a creature of such abnormality that Wexle never spoke of him to anyone. She was butchered, and her body was returned to the Underbirth where it was promptly displayed as an example to other Yolshen fighters of what failure looked like. She was later rescued by Fontaine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wexle's personality? -

Wexle is a very sentimental creature, she's very poetic in the way she puts things across, but her ferocity is equal to her soft tone and will gladly butcher any who challenge her. 


How did Lucy manage to cut off her head? -

Lucy convinced Wexle to let her do it, it didn't go well. 


Is she feared and respected like Ludwig is? -

Yes, she's Ludwig's right hand and has immense power in her station. This makes many creatures jealous, especially Helgan who would see Wexle dead.


Why does she sing? -

The Kivouack culture is heavy on performance, they passed their time by singing, dancing, killing and having their end away. Their motto was controlled anarchy. Wexle and almost every other creature enjoy performing.


Favourite colour? -

Her favourite colour is not perceivable by human eyes.


What's her mental state? -

She's very strong willed if not a little emotional. 


Does she hate Lucy? -

No, they're just indifferent towards one another


How strong is she compared to the others? -

She's one of the most dangerous killers alive. Her skills in combat are almost unmatched, plain and simple.


Does she like reading? -

Most Kivouachians love a good book, although most only read Kivouack literature.


Favourite season? -

Wexle likes the warmth a lot. The cold reduces her stamina.


Does she like all Human traditions? -

Not initially, but she's warmed up to them over years. She especially likes Christmas and Halloween.


Thoughts on Fontaine? -

She grew to highly respect and trust him.


.  Trained in combat by Winifred and Hayden.

.  Always wanted to be trained by Sombra, but Sombra never obliged.

.  Trained Shuck in combat.

.  Being bested in combat is her greatest fear.

.  Brought Fontaine to trial 37 times, all fell through.

.  Her favourite piece of music is a Kivouachian song called 'Steeled Soldier.'

.  Served as Voice of the Yolsh.

.  Currently serves as Grand Whisper.

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