Shuck was born in the Madness Frontier, long after the Locket's Law was in place. Growing up in those bizarre lands made him tougher than most and an unmatched navigator of the Frontier. He fought his way into the Underbirth and terrorized the Kasino for a short while. Soon after, his blood lust became noteworthy and he was recruited into the Yolsh fighting force where he served under Hayden and then eventually Wexle.


Shuck quickly became famed for his combative abilities and was soon apart of Wexle's personal posse. He would frequently be sent into the Madness Frontier as an enforcer of Locket's Law. Despite the larger Cities being the main Kivouachian hubs, there were many smaller settlements scattered throughout the Frontier. The shanty town of ‘Joy’ was one of many, built upon the body of Locket's mother, Freyda. Shuck would regularly inspect these settlements, not for illegal activities as they were impossible to quell in the Frontier, but rather to search for runaways who fled justice and had not yet been sentenced by the court. One of these runaways was Fleisher who Shuck captured and brought before Lucy Lacemaker for sentencing.


Upon Lucy’s disappearance during the conflict with Mandus, Ludwig fled the Underbirth to find her. Shuck, along with Wexle and many others, were sent to bring him to justice. This ended in catastrophe, when they ventured too far into the territory of Mandus and were quickly set upon by a disciple. The unidentifiable creature slaughtered Wexle's Yolsh fighters, and Shuck promptly fled for his life. Wexle tried to chase him down, but she was bested. Shuck did not return to the Underbirth, rather, he continued to pursue Ludwig. Upon catching up with him, Shuck voted to aid Ludwig in the search for Lucy Lacemaker. 


After the Kivouacks destruction, Shuck continued to promote loyalty to Ludwig and fought viciously to ensure his appointment as Grand Voice. Yet, Shuck failed to control his bloodlust and as a result, retired from combat in 1578.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did he stop killing people? -

Shuck was a blood drunk, addicted to the taste of flesh and sinew. His obsession almost drove him mad, he was sighted by many people, his most notable offence was in 1577 when he attacked a church. This incident left him stuck with the nickname Shuck. His real name is Dalton. He was stopped by Lucy, Fleisher, Wexle and Ludwig who hunted him down and forced him to stop, but he wouldn’t truly retire until 1578.


Who's his favourite in the house? -

Without a doubt, Lucy. She and him are really close friends, they have very similar views and both believe in Ludwig's leadership. The two of them have arguments, but mainly about stuff of little consequence. Shuck is also on good terms with Fleisher, he doesn't really bother with Winifred.


What happened to his horn? -

Damaged in combat with Wexle. He fought against her when she attempted to bring him to justice for desertion. Shuck didn't believe in the leadership of higher class creatures, and blamed them for the conflict with Mandus.


His opinion on Ludwig? -

Shuck has a deep respect for Ludwig and sees him as a bit of a war hero, the two of them fought by each other's side against Mandus and formed a close friendship while looking for Lucy Lacemaker. The two of them don't see each other as much in modern times and have grown a little distant.


Does he protect the others? -

He's not as strong as he used to be, but will fight off any attackers who attempt who hurt his allies. 


What was his occupation? -

Shuck was a soldier. He was one of the top trackers and went on many dangerous expeditions into the Madness Frontier, he wasn't privy to any top information but eventually went rogue and deserted due to his lack of trust in the political class of the Kivouack. Wexle gave chase with the aim of bringing him back or killing him.


Why does Ludwig respect his bloody past? -

Ludwig always relied on Shuck's abilities in combat and was disheartened when Shuck lost control. Ludwig wants to see Shuck fight again but Shuck fears that he will fall into madness once more.


The others seem dismissive of him, why? -

Very few Kivouachians look favourably on Shuck, they see him as an attack dog and since his retirement from brutality, see him as a fifth wheel. Helgan particularly feels like this and  she has even called for him to be killed. Lucy, Ludwig and the older creatures still respect him for his deeds in combat.


Do others find him scary? -

They certainly used to.


Who does he hate the most? -

He dislikes Wexle very much, due to her role in the push back against Mandus.


What does he do in his spare time? -

He drinks with Lucy in the forests, he also has a huge affinity for Chess, he's the unbeaten champion since his first game in 6th century India.


Has he made many enemies? -

Shuck has a huge list of foes, most of which he has killed in combat. One of his oldest enemies is Wexle, but he's forced to work with her in present day.


.  Addicted to bloodletting.

.  Has an affinity for alcohol.

.  Drinks with Lucy regularly.

.  Gave up eating meat after 1578.

.  Is pretty difficult to annoy.

.  Invented Chess.

.  Best friends with Lucy Lacemaker.

.  Fantastic at mathematics and number crunching.

.  Developed a phobia of blood.

.  May have accidentally caused Satanism.

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