Quinn was born on Earth in the year 1622 and was raised on a plantation by a group of Puritan Christians who believed him to be a messenger of God. His childhood was spent with these religious folk until one year, their harvest failed to yield results. They turned on him and deemed Quinn an agent of the Devil, blaming him for their ill luck. He managed to escape the plantation in 1625 and eventually ran into Felicity, it was at this point that he met a fellow member of his species for the first time. 


Quinn was then raised under Kivouachian values and was promptly trained as a messenger to carry all letters and documents to the appropriate settlements in the North West of England. At first, he and Felicity traveled together but soon enough he was trusted with doing it himself. After many years of service, Quinn finally met Ludwig, who took a distaste to his upbringing, however, he allowed him to continue his services as long as he remained loyal to his own kind and not the simian culture under which he was raised.


After ferrying the words of his leaders around for decades, Felicity taught him a trick. This allowed him to open the letters, read the contents and seal it without suspicion. She told him that it would be wise to use his station to keep abreast of all current events. This became standard practice, Quinn learned much from his newly found skill and not once was he ever caught. This would be how Quinn came to be aware of the Hybridisation experiments being conducted by Ludwig’s underground government. After confronting Felicity about it, she revealed to him the great hypothesis of Ludwig, a hypothesis that would lead to a new home for their species. Yet, Quinn did not know of any other home than Earth itself, and so decided to stay silent about his concerns regarding the long term Kivouachian plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does he have a mate? -

No, Quinn is considered far to weak to be seriously considered by the members of his species. He’s meek, shy and extremely submissive. Therefore he has very little chance of impressing his fellow peers enough to warrant reproduction.


What’s his relationship with Ludwig? -

Quinn is extremely fast and effective at travel, so Ludwig trusts him to carry messages and orders to the other settlements across England. Quinn often travels with haste and extreme loyalty to the cause, but deeply fears Ludwig and all those of high power. Ludwig is indifferent to Quinn.


Job? -

Quinn is one of two messengers in England. His job is to carry Ludwig’s orders to the other settlements. He is extremely young and was born on Earth, this means that he never saw the Kivouack in operation. This could be why he’s so weak. The other messenger is a cocky rival called Felicity, she often boasts greater speed and agility to Quinn and challenges him to races whenever they cross paths. Quinn and Felicity are indeed friends, but Felicity makes it difficult to get along as she believes that everything is a competition. 


Is he related to Lucy? -

No, Lucy’s birth predates Quinn by several billion years. 


What does he do in his spare time? -

Quinn has almost no friends due to his age and lack of brutality, so he spends most of his time racing Felicity or working. Otherwise he will read and write extensively. His favourite hobby however, is collecting feathers on his travels.


Opinions of the others? -

Quinn is scared of those who exercise their strength. So Lucy, Ludwig, Hayden, Helgan and Shuck are definitely out of his league in terms of friendship. Winifred doesn’t know him very well, and the two have never really spent any meaningful time together. Fleshier looks out for him and tries to keep Lucy away, but rarely succeeds. Lucy, will taunt and humiliate Quinn at almost every opportunity. She believes he’s not a true Kivouachian, due to the fact that he was born on foreign soil. 


.  His antennas pick up certain chemicals in the air. They help him deduce incoming weather, toxicity and radiation.


.  Quinn has never killed.

.  Remembers everything in vivid detail.

.  His full name is 'Quinn Thomasin Trailing'

.  He can see, but mostly relies on hearing, smell and chemical reception.

.  Mostly scared of Shuck, Ludwig and Lucy Lacemaker.

.  Has a soft spot for humans.

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