Operation and Trade

There was no sense of nobility in the Kivouack, the rules were simple; whoever was best suited for the task, did that task. The more adept the creature, the more successful it would be. At the centre of the Kivouack capital city was a structure called the Thumme, where all the highly regarded creatures lived and ruled. Lucy, Ludwig, Wexle, Helgan and Winifred all had stations there. Then there was the Hammerlow, a place for the moderates, the average, or simply those who chose not to live in the centre structure, these Kivs lived in adequate comfort, but were often moved around to accommodate new faces, they mostly ran trades or markets in the Kasino.


The Kasino, a place for 'all the rest' was located at the edge of the city. All the rest were creatures who were not useless, but under performed compared to others of their species. Their streets were clean and well groomed and it was far more visually appealing than most Earth cityscapes. The problem with living there was the fact that Kivouachians are cannibals by nature, and only ever ate the flesh of those weaker. So the creatures who lived in the Kasino, especially the young, were often rounded up, dismembered, seasoned and served as a delicacy in the high class districts. This act was not considered morally evil by the Kivouachians, as it was simply a social contract that they all agreed to live by. The mighty survive and produce yet mightier young.


If a creature wanted out of the city completely, or was too useless to be worthy even in the Kasino, there was always the 'Madness Frontier', a place beyond the cities, a wilderness of anarchy and death. Those who were banished to the Frontier were forced to live as beasts, for no mind truly kept itself whilst lost in the landscape beyond Kivouachian civilisation. This was also the place that the dreaded Mandus called home, and was the natural state of the Kivouack before Locket brought order.


The Kivouack was a place ruled by total confusion, a world of living quantum mechanics. The cities of the Kivouack had their own centre of gravity, which keep their structures held in place. Cities existed as spheres, with creatures living on the inner surface. Doors could to lead to great heart thrilling falls that then adjusted into corridors which then wound into themselves, thus creating new passages. There were mirrors that led to reflective rooms in which items of secrecy were hidden. Water flowed upwards and downward depending on ones location within the city and light was not held in a flame or a bulb, but instead grew through the city in photons of phosphorescence and colour. A human, or any Earth bound creature would quickly become lost and perish of thirst before finding their way to aid, if they were not butchered and used for wallpaper by a local inhabitant first. 


There were many ways for a creature to contribute to the society machine. Some would prepare food, clean the streets, write books and historical records, etc. There was no currency in the Kivouack, trade was simple, one item for another, or even a service. Simpler still, eating the creature and taking its possessions, that worked too. A politician named Methusa tried to bring kindness and compassion to the Kivouack, her decapitated body hung from its ankles at the entrance of the Kivouack courts until the Big Bang. Lucy Lacemaker made sure of it...



They measured time via auditory tones. A tone is the equivalent of 3.5 Earth hours, the Kivouack measurement of time, seven tones in one Stanza. A Stanza is the equivalent of 1 Earth day. Every 3.5 Earth hours, a noise would sound in a particular key, depending on which one it was, 1st tone, 2nd tone, 5th tone, thus signalling the time. Upon the seventh tone, a new Stanza would begin. 

The image to the right is a non detailed map of the inside of the Kivouack capital city, The Underbirth, colour coded for easy viewing;


The GREY outer rim is the Kasino (Cas-E-no), the place where all the poor and lesser creatures would inhabit.


The YELLOW sections are Kivouachian homes, built within the walls of the Kasino, connected with several bridges and walkways.


The BLUE section is the Hammerlow (Ham-O-Low), a place for the more highly regarded creatures, these creatures might run a business/trade, or have a decent role to play in the Kivouack.


The GREEN section is called the Thumme (Th-U-m), the home to all the high political powers of the Kivouack, in this structure, there is the Library of Sombra, the High Court of the Kivouack, the Grand Voices chambers, and many other facilities that serve vital roles in keeping the city in a state of order. More or less.


The RED section acts as a catalyst for transportation into the city and its specific districts, and out into the Madness Frontier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Kivouachian cities were there? -

As many as planets in the universe. Locket's power grab was mighty and stretched to every corner of the Kivouack.


How big was the Underbirth -

The Underbirth has been estimated to be the size of Venus, possibly bigger.


How did they deal with waste? -

Kivouachians did not produce waste. The only fluids they excreted were highly corrosive saliva, blood and those of a sexual nature.

How did they get jobs? -

They simply did them, if a job already had a creature at its station, others would need to fight for it.


What did they do for entertainment? -

Yeshua ran the mightiest of Music Halls in the Underbirth, many would flock to his establishment for entertainment.


How did they dispose of the dead? -

The empty vessels of those who were defeated were either eaten, used as mating vessels, or contorted and used for decoration. 



.  Kivouachian cities were spherical in nature.


.  The Thumme has been estimated to be the size of Mars.

.  The Kivouack was a consistent structure that rested on the surface of Space Time.

.  Light grew through the Kivouack like ivy, unchained to flame and heat.

.  The Kivouack was always in a state of change.

.  Lockets name was known to trillions of Kivouachians.

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