As a younger creature, Ludwig surpassed many with his cunning and ruthless nature, but lacked ambition. Young Kivouachians were left to feed and educate themselves, they would often steal food or eat each other and only the strong would grow to full size. Ludwig was able to manipulate others and was a master of psychological warfare. He really hit his stride when he befriended the young Lucy Lacemaker. The two would pull off  scandals, heists and terrorise the older creatures with their brilliant minds. 

Eventually, Lucy was taken in by a creature called Sombra, a wise and well read master of history and law. This led to Lucy becoming the top judge in the Kivouack and The Voice of the Court. Ludwig was taken in by Fontaine, who taught him the true mastery of scheming and manipulation. Under Fontaine's guidance, Ludwig became a famous name in the Kivouack, and a respected one. His talents were under-utilised in the beginning, as he started out as a glorified butler to the political leaders of their world, he soon became a friend to many important figures. Eventually he grew to become one of the top advisers to Winifred, acting as her Whisper. 


Winifred delighted in toying with those who worked under her, yet she took little interest in Ludwig, as The Grand Voice, Locket, wanted him for her mate. This allowed Ludwig to avoid Winifred’s imaginative cruelty, yet due to his fear of Locket, also made his life difficult. During this time, Ludwig was in a relationship with Helgan, one of the greatest political figures of their time, their relationship was public knowledge, so at her first opportunity, Locket had Helgan contorted into a seat, where she remained for countless years. 

Once Helgan was in her place, Locket continued to pursue Ludwig and almost succeeded, but upon seeing her private chambers, Ludwig promptly fled.


Ludwig was the only one who spoke out against the high politicians regarding the threat of Mandus, but he was declared insane and relieved of his duties. Once Lucy Lacemaker went missing, Ludwig ventured into the Madness Frontier to find her, Locket sent Shuck and Wexle to arrest him, but after an engagement with a follower of Mandus, Shuck was left wounded and Wexle was left in pieces. Ludwig escaped during the confusion of combat.


After the Kivouack was destroyed, Ludwig was forced into leadership by the very creatures who condemned his warnings as madness. Ludwig, cold and bitter due to the loss of many friends, reluctantly agreed and drew up plans to bring the Kivouack back to glory and make their world anew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does he know the true name of Jones? -

Yes, Ludwig knows Dizzy as Mandus. Dizzy is the name they use to refer to him in the present day as his actual name brings them distress.


Is he related to Mandus? -

No, Mandus shares no blood with the creatures of the Kivouack. 


Who does Ludwig get along with the most? -

Ludwig gets along with Wexle, Shuck and Fontaine but his closest friend is Lucy.


Why do Ludwig, Wexle and Fontaine look more humanoid? -

Coincidence. All Kivouack creatures look different, it's how they've evolved. Ask yourself this; do Humans look like Ludwig, Wexle and Fontaine?


Where did Ludwig, Wexle and Fontaine stay before arriving at the house? -

Ludwig and Wexle are from one of the primary local settlements on Earth, in the form of an abandoned underground railway station. Fontaine is from another such settlement in Vegas.


Does he have feelings for anyone? -

Ludwig fell in love with a human in 1734, a girl by the name of Helen Merchant. He was forced to watch as time killed her, she grew old and died at Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool. 


Was he considered attractive? -

Ludwig was always chased by the female Kivouachians, but he found most of them of little interest. Even Locket, the ruler of all the Kivouack found him to be a suitable partner, but Ludwig kept his distance from her as she terrified him.


Has he ever attacked anyone? -

Ludwig was taught how to fight by Sombra and was extremely capable at dispatching his foes. But he relied more on his intellect. He has fought off many attackers in his time, even Wexle.


His opinion on Helgan? -

Ludwig tolerates Helgan, but values her for her social abilities. It's thanks to Helgan that their Earth bound operations remain buoyant. He no longer likes her on a personal level.


Does he ever have a crush? -

Ludwig has no time for crushes. If he ever liked someone, he wouldn't spent his time thinking about it, he'd go and let them know. Not many would refuse him due to his power and power is respected more than anything in Kivouack culture.


How did he get his appearance? -

He was born like that, however, he used to have black hair. 


Opinion on Wexle? -

He values her bravery and willingness to fight.


One of his secrets? -

Ludwig refused to kill his father who was a rather weak minded creature. Ludwig's father tried to shield him from the harsh realities of their world, until Fontaine came and took Ludwig away.


Do the others respect him? -

Some of them may not like him, but they all respect him. 


Favourite colour? -

Not perceivable to human eyes.


Has he always been sour? -

Pretty much, he's certainly more sour in present day than he was in his youth.


Hobbies? -

Ludwig works 24/7, even when he has free time, he finds something to work on. He doesn't even sleep.


.  Grew up with Lucy Lacemaker.


.  Mentored in the art of showmanship and politics by Fontaine.

.  Served as Whisper to Winifred.

.  Highly regarded by Locket.

.  Was terrified of Locket 

.  Caused WWI and WWII.

.  Is Grand Voice and leader of the Kivouachians.

.  Used to hate Wexle.

.  No longer trusts Lucy, his first act as Grand Voice was to demote her.

.  Hates humanity.

.  Obsessed with who Mandus was.

.  Can still be immature and violent.

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