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Lucy Lacemaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Lucy get her hat from? -

Lucy's hat and cravat were fashioned and made in 1888, London. During the Ripper killings, Lucy crafted her hat from the skin of three different victims after their deaths, although she did not kill them. Her cravat was acquired the same year, using various materials obtained in Camden.


Where did she get her Polka Dots? -

Lucy's fur patterns were present at birth.


What happened to her eye? -

Her right eye was damaged at some point in her past. The cause has been attributed to a vicious entity named Mandus, who has also been nicknamed Dizzy Jones, Skinner and The Frontier Captain.


Has she met other Humans? -

Lucy has met many humans over her lifetime, killing many, befriending very few.


Does she know what Necrophilia is? -

Lucy knows what necrophilia is, along with every word in the English vocabulary, she's also well practiced in all languages, even dead tongues.


What does Lucy do in her free time? -

Lucy has an affinity for alcohol and will often sneak into the forest with Shuck and drink. Otherwise, she'll sing. She also enjoys humiliating Winifred with alarming regularity. 


Does she have thumbs? -

Lucy does possess the precision grip and does have thumbs.


What are her fears? -

Lucy is extremely afraid of fire, as this is one of the elements that could end her life.


Her opinion on the other housemates? -

Lucy looks favourably on Shuck, Sullivan, Ludwig and Fontaine. Wexle is a mild annoyance to her due to her lack of humour. Lucy hates Fleisher and is dismissive of his existence. Winifred is viewed as a rather nice body to be contorted and played with whenever Lucy gets bored. Hyzenthlay is not yet respected by Lucy, but much like Winifred, is an object that Lacemaker also enjoys toying with.


How old is she? -

Billions of years old, no exact recording of her age.


What does she do with the decapitated bodies? -

On a bad day, Lucy will contort them into odd positions that she finds visually pleasing. If the body is female, then she'll probably have her end away with it, before finally getting drunk and sleeping on it. If the body is Kivouachian, like Winifred, she'll simply reattach the head and let it recover, as Kivouachians can't perish over simple matters of decapitation. If not, she'll eat it. This is not a quirk of Lucy, she simply holds fast to the ways of her kind. Decapitation and contortion are rooted within all Kivouachian creatures.


Has she ever had feelings for someone? -

Lucy was famously in love with a female creature called Celia, back in the days of the Kivouack. However Celia did not survive the events leading to the Kivouacks destruction, leaving Lucy cold and emotionally lonely forever.


Was Lucy always mad? -

Lucy does not consider herself to be mad, she is merely a pure blooded Kivouachian, engaging in acts of moral ambiguity and deviancy was common place in the Kivouack, their kingdom wasn't held back by morality, which led to its rise and its fall.


Does Lucy have a thing for Hyzenthlay or Winifred? -

Lucy holds no love for anyone, as that part of her died with Celia. She does however take interest in both Winifred and Hyzenthlay in a less romantic, more physical sense.


Would she ever actually kill Hyzenthlay -

Lucy is no fool and knows that Hyzenthlay is delicate, due to the fact that she is not of Kivouack origin. She understands that by killing Hyzenthlay, there would be no Hyzenthlay to enjoy in the future. She settles for the odd knock out, head attached.


.   Suffers from a binocular disorder which prevents her eyes from focusing.


.   Helped Ludwig start WWI.


.   Tried to prevent WW2.


.   Can’t sleep without the aid of alcohol.


.   Lucy Lacemaker is gay.


.   Is terrified of fire, death, humiliation and Locket.


.   Ludwig’s childhood friend and partner.


.   Currently best friends with Shuck.


.   Used to be Felicitie's mate.


.   Is known in human mythology as Loki.

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