Hyzenthlay is the result of a hybridization experiment between a red squirrel and a Kivouachian. Genetic splicing was something that always fascinated Ludwig and Lucy, they believed that in order to regenerate the Kivouack race, they would first need to apply selection pressures to Earth by raising the biological quality of all life. Hyzenthlay is the result of this hypothesis, the result of endless experimentation and testing. The experiments started in 1445, and after countless failures, Hyzenthlay was finally deemed the first true success in December of 1999. Her physical biology was vastly improved compared to her rodent cousins, her intellect was also massively improved, with a current estimated IQ of over 212. Ludwig became immediately impressed with her ability to adapt. The events leading up to her creation are a stringent secret, not much information is available at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is she viewed by the Kivouachians? -

Most Kivouachians celebrate her existence as a step towards their new home, yet some still view her as insufficient and weak. She has yet to prove herself.


Does she have any hobbies? -

Reading, she seems to have an endless quest for knowledge, reading both fiction and non-fictional literature brings her great joy.


Can she control her biology like the others? -

Unknown, she certainly has accelerated healing, but the range of her physical abilities remain a mystery.


Has she ever killed? -

No, she has led a sheltered life and hasn’t had to take a life, in defence or otherwise. 


Her views of the other characters? -

Hyzenthlay only wants to be accepted, her view of the Kivouachains is surrounded by suspicion, as she has yet to obtain any Kivouachian literature. She has yet to discover their true nature and the origins of their breed.


How old is she? -

Hyzenthlay is 19 years old, born December 30th 1999.


.  Hyzenthlay loves tea.

.  She secretly admires Lucy and wants to gain her favour.

.  Feels deeply sorry for Winifred.

.  Terrified of Ludwig, Wexle and Fontaine.

.  Has always wanted to see a human city.

.  Fascinated by Humanity. 

.  Can speak English, Welsh and German.

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