History and Biology

Matter can not be created or destroyed, only transformed. Yet, it is believed that from nothing, the Universe as we know it, was born. This cannot be true. Our Universe is nothing more than a remnant,  rubble from what came before. Its name in the time beyond our imaginings, was the Kivouack. The Kivouack existed in the same space as its successor, our known Universe.  Back then it was not comprised of galaxies, quasars, stars or planets,  these are actually the by-product of its destruction. 


The Kivouack rested on the surface of space time, and is believed to have had an extra-ordinarily large proportion of antimatter within it. This could be why matter is dominant in the universe we know of today. The Kivouack was a place of extreme conditions, most likely a whirlpool of chemistry, a layered labyrinthian structure that existed  in defiance of our theories of physics and celestial mechanics. On the contrary, it existed as a world slave unto anarchy and quasi-quizzical-quantum mechanics, a home indeed for Schrödinger's cat.


It would seem in a world such as this, dictated by anti logic and backwards probability, that life would not be granted the decency of existence, and yet, the Kivouack was inhabited by life. The Kivouachians. Beings that roamed their multi layered realm in symbiotic synchronicity to its madness. These creatures evolved under immense natural selection pressures, the pressure of a world that sought to chew them up and spit them out as dirt. A reactive radiation in the presence of anti-matter, organisms forced to mutate to defy matter, like quantum chameleons.


Thus, their bodies were in a constant state of metamorphosis, they could rewrite their biology at a sub-atomic level, all while maintaining their memory and consciousness. Enter quantum mechanics, because due to the ferocity of their world, they have simply evolved to such a degree that they can command and control their bodies at a quantum level. This would also explain why all creatures from the Kivouack look completely different from one another, despite being part of the exact same species. They are indeed, in a very justifiable way, quantum chameleons.

Much like the primitive Protozoa of our world, these creatures would have been the result of humble beginnings, only developing and evolving under the immense natural selection pressures of their home, far beyond that of our nurturing Earth and Universe, whose realities would be considered forgiving and merciful in comparison to the mighty Kivouack. Only through the pressures of a world that sought to chew them up and spit them out as dirt, did they eventually thrive in their vicious home. For they were a reaction, organisms forced to mutate, evolve and become biologically defiant of matter. Quantum chameleons they became.


The Kivouachian animal was comprised cells, each with a nucleus in which their chromosomes where contained. The chromosomes held the Kivouachian DNA consisting of different genes, the information carriers, used to determine what characteristics and traits the different creatures would have, the variation of which, depended on the amount of creatures involved in the reproductive process.


As a result of their varied and far advanced evolution, their would be no doubt that their bodies would have existed in tune to constant metamorphosis. To rewrite ones biology at a sub-atomic level all while maintaining ones memory and consciousness might seem impossible, yet they indeed controlled their biological makeup as we humans control our hands. The lack of ability to perform a task, does not make that task impossible, only to those who can not do it. To put the complexity of this task into perspective, it would be like taking a book, burning it to ash, pouring the ash into a bowl of water, then retrieving the data from the water. Of course, when a Kivouachian would decide to disperse into a pack of smaller beings or contort into a different shape of equal mass to serve an alternative function, like flying or swimming, one would not be witnessing the destruction of data, or its growth, merely the transformation of data. Indeed, self control at a quantum level. This might also explain why all dwelling creatures of the Kivouack looked completely different from one another, different sizes, skin textures and limbs, despite being members of the exact same species. Creatures born of extreme mutation. For absolute clarity, let it be repeated; quantum chameleons. 


It is best stated now, that humans seem to have a genetic syndrome of rationalising their world only by what they see with their eyes, it would therefore be within reason to postulate, that the simian animal believes much to be impossible, right up until the moment that it is no longer. Keep an open mind, that’s my point.


Another reasonable postulation would be categorise the Kivouachian breed as ‘immortal,’ and you’d be correct in that assumption, as a creature who dictates its own biology, its density, its tissue and more to the point, the length of its telomeres at the end of each chromosome, then to expire out of age alone would be an impossibility. The result of this remarkable self control, would be a species able to retain its collective knowledge, rather than simply passing it on through generations and therefore resulting in a loss of potency in the lessons learned and the discoveries made. Instead, the Kivouachians themselves would carry the flame ever onward. It would be no effort at all to imagine a far advanced Earth should the likes of Einstein, Keats or Tesla had lived in consistency through the ages, rather than granting the world only a blip of their genius. This issue did not plague the Kivouack, as surely, over the course of a few billion years, or their equivalent measurement of time, the Kivouachians would soon possess intellects infinitely more complex than our own.


This was the order of things for the next several billion years, the Kivouachians would roam, fight and mate. During this time, the greatest of these creatures was known as Freyda, a gigantic beast who terrorized the Kivouack for millions of years. Freyda mated with another female, Joy and soon after, Locket was born. Upon seeing the sorry state of her world, Locket sought to finally bring about order, and so, with the aid of a young Winifred, the first great Kivouachian war began, it was known as ‘The Lady.’ After a bloody game of universal control, Freyda was finally killed by her daughter. 


Using the bones of Joy, Locket created the first and greatest Kivouachian structure ever built, the Underbirth, the first Kivouachian city. In order to build it, Locket bent the reality of her world and made slaves of gravity and logic to serve her creation. With the creation of the Underbirth and the forced application of Locket's Law. The golden age of the Kivouack had begun, an age of science, politics, strength and philosophy.

Before Locket's Law, the Kivouachians would simply dispatch one another using classic methods such as devouring the defeated opponent. However, Locket saw artistry in defeat, she found herself saddened that the world in which she lived did not share her vision of disgust when gazing upon the corpse of a creature she saw fit to tear from its life. After the death of Freyda her body lay in dignity, her death seemed to almost immortalise her grace like a glorified martyr. Furiously, Locket decapitated her and contorted her gigantic body into a display of absolute humiliation. This would act as the start of a Kivouachian tradition that still holds fast.


Thousands of years after Freyda, Locket's empire spread far and wide, order had come to the Kivouack and with it a much more sophisticated taste in defeat. Standard practice was to decapitate the defeated creature, then contort their body into a display that would ward off other attackers. During this display, only the head was ever removed. Locket did not believe in disembowelment or flaying. She believed that with the creature's body and anatomy intact it would better serve as a piece of art, it also made the creature much easier to be identified by locals. Kivs would proudly display the humiliated bodies of their opponents in the streets and outside establishments of work and leisure, the headless body would remain in these positions for centuries, sometimes more.

One of the defining features of Kivouachian biology is the difficulty required to dispatch them. Physical damage does nothing more than inconvenience them. This includes beheading after which their head and body will go into a state of dormancy, the body heals over and continues to function as a living vessel pending the reattachment of the head. The head of most Kivouachians would do the same and wait upon the body, though a few creatures possessed minds mighty enough to remain conscious during this and therefore reattach their heads without aid.


Lucy Lacemaker was one such subject. Should her head ever be unwillingly removed, her genetics would allow her to disperse into much smaller entities and reform at the base of the neck, thus making her excruciatingly hard to shut up. The reason most Kivouachians decapitated their opponents was to quickly separate the mind from body to gain a brief intellectual and strategic advantage. If acted upon quickly the head could be captured and the victor would either eat it or incinerate it, thus destroying the creatures mind. Death would follow. Meanwhile, their left over body remained as its own independent organism, unconsciously awaiting the return of its long dead mind. This was the trophy. These bodies would then be used as mating vessels, or simply utilised for artistic purposes such as a display outside an establishment, or even architecture and furniture... for those with a rotted sense of humour.  When a Kivouachian dies, humiliation is almost guaranteed by their peers, and this was just one of Lockets many cultural landmarks for the species.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a dismembered Kivouachian remain active?  

Depends of the genetic quality of the creature, some would eventually perish after a few thousand years, others would remain dormant forever, such as Freyda.


Did they have any more wars after 'The Lady'? -

They had many conflicts. The other main war of note was the battle against Mandus.


How many colours are they able to see? -

Depends on the creature, but most can see upward of 42,000,000. They have access to a spectrum beyond the sub-atomic level. 

Are there any aquatic or air based Kivouachians? -

Of course. In fact, Celia (Lucy's mate) was an aquatic based creature, though she could operate on land, she would often be found swimming in the labyrinthine water channels and canals of the Underbirth. Outside the larger cities, many other creatures would prowl the lands, waters and skies of the Madness Frontier.


Who's is the oldest Kivouachian? -



How long is their life span? -

They never die of age. Physical injury is of little threat too. They are quantum chameleons, meaning that their bodies are perfectly evolved at an atomic level to adapt. The only way they can die is if their DNA is damaged. This can happen via infection, being dissolved, burned or eaten. Being dismembered is simply equivalent to being unconscious.

When did the concept of entertainment come about? -

Entertainment was always present in their world, even in primitive times, the Kivouachians would sing and dance. Famously, a creature named Yeshua ran the largest Kivouachain Music Hall, it was estimated to be the size of a small moon.


Who rebelled against Locket? -

Freyda was the first, followed by other terrors of their time. Locket made sure to display their contorted bodies throughout the Madness Frontier as a symbol of her office.



.  Freyda's body had a city built upon it, the cities name was 'Joy'.

.  The Kivouack was not comprised of planets, it was a consistent plane of existence.

.  The Big Bang was the destruction of the Kivouack.

.  Locket was mostly famed for her philosophy, politics and her violence.

.  Locket was terrifying, even by the standards of her species.

.  Winifred wanted Locket for her mate.

.  They spoke in a universal language, this rooted all Earth based languages.

.  Locket was never beaten in combat.

.  Winifred was also undefeated, until Mandus.

.  Locket was considered the most beautiful of all her kind.

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