Helgan is one of the oldest living Kivouachians, although she was still young compared to Sombra. Her youth was spent in the Madness Frontier, her goals at this time were relatively simple like most, to survive. Many did this by paying tribute to Freyda and Joy. This included Helgan, but it wouldn’t be until the birth of Locket, that she was given a true purpose; to serve a cause, to fight for order and the future of her species. Helgan, like many others, proclaimed loyalty to Locket and so The Lady began. During the battle for power, Helgan proved herself a true tactician and quickly became a valued member of Locket's newly formed government.


After Freyda's defeat, Helgan became a mighty force within the Thummes Court. However, as time passed, Helgan became somewhat of an annoyance to Locket as she continued to push for power. Helgan thought by second guessing and undermining Locket publicly, she could damage her reputation and eventually have her removed from power. This didn’t work. Helgan entered into a romantic partnership with Ludwig shortly before his entrance into the political arena. After meeting him, her goal was to help Sombra and Fontaine with their plans to undermine Locket in the hopes that she would become the Grand Voice. Yet during Ludwig's meeting of Locket, Locket demanded he prove himself in the art of debate. Helgan stepped forward and offered to test Ludwig's abilities by beginning a debate about legislation. After a long and impressive argument, Ludwig stood victorious. Yet, this was the excuse that Locket was looking for. Helgan was decapitated and her body contorted into a throne for Locket. She remained in this state of humiliation for countless years, until her revival during the Mandus conflict.


After the Kivouack destruction, she decided to serve Ludwig and generally keep to herself, yet her thirst for power may never be quenched.


Frequently Asked Questions

How well does she interact with other Kivouachians -

Most of them live in fear of Helgan, being a creature of cunning and absolute physical brutality. Her rise to power in the Kivouack was of little surprise, and her path was paved by the blood and contorted bodies of her rivals. She is also one of the oldest living Kivouachians.


What are her main duties in present day? -

She was denied the role of ‘Grand Whisper’ by Ludwig in favour of Wexle, however she still holds power and is in charge of the Kivouachian money laundering schemes. From the shadows, she runs several banks and businesses to launder money for Ludwig.


Is she currently the largest  Kivouachian? -

No. There are many Kivouachians who beat her size. The largest Kivouachian ever recorded was Locket's mother, Freyda. After the death of Freyda, Locket allowed the outlaws of the Madness Frontier to build a city upon her body as a final act of humiliation.


Does she have a mate? -

No, Helgan has a strong history of dispatching her mates, both male and female alike. No one has survived her. Apart from Ludwig.


What does she eat? -

A lot of people.


Why does she not dress like the other politicians, like Ludwig and Fontaine? -

Helgan is simply too large to bother and is a subscriber of Locket's Law, which was very heavy on natural prowess.


.  Helgan has been beaten in combat before, but very few ever got close to her.

.  Still has feelings for Ludwig.

.  Jealous of Wexle.

.  Fought in The Lady.

.  Older than Fontaine.

.  Has a burning hatred for Fleischer, Shuck and Winifred.

.  Has an unquenchable thirst for power.

.  Hates losing.

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