Fontaine grew up in ancient Kivouack. His life was rough, not being the most threatening creature, and he was always being attacked and outcast. He found his place when he started trading loyalties for items of value. He would steal from the higher class and use them to gain favour with the lower echelon. This turned into a small empire of thieves and tricksters, all of which followed Fontaine.


The Kivouack was a place of all round showmanship and performance. Singing and dancing was common place and Fontaine was one of the best. He was a highly praised dancer and singer. He eventually started teaching younger generations his tricks. He taught Ludwig how to perform and captivate an audience. On the side, Fontaine ran a group of swindlers and thieves, Ludwig was his prize pupil. Fontaine was also an old friend of Sombra and would teach Lucy the tricks of his trade too. Fontaine would always be on the look out for Wexle, as a high ranking soldier, she would attempt to bring Fontaine before the courts for judgment, but Fontaine was always too smart. When she did arrest him, nothing ever came of it because he was always in good favour with the Judge. When Lucy Lacemaker took over the job, he became untouchable.


Fontaine was a creature of good connection. He always knew how to make friends. Fontaine played a pivotal role in keeping the Kivouack alive. Once, when Mandus surrounded their capital settlement, it was Fontaine who managed to smuggle in supplies and resources to the capital. But Fontaine's life was forever changed when he actually met Mandus, face to face. To this day he can't get over the aura of genuine terror and beauty that surrounded him. Mandus was depicted as a mindless monster, but everyone who actually interacted with him found him to be more that a simple beast, but none of them can embellish that with words.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did he choose Vegas? -

He created Vegas and the art of the gamble. Vegas is his home on Earth, his little Empire. Ludwig's settlement is far more industrial by comparison.


His favourite season? -

Summer, that's when all the fat cats come to Vegas and waste their fortunes in his gambling pits.


Is he older than Ludwig? -

Yes, Fontaine actually raised Ludwig, teaching him the way the Kivouachians operated and how to survive in such a place. 


Hobbies? -

Fontaine reads an obsessive amount of literature. Both fiction and non-fiction. He also runs all the playhouses and casinos in Vegas. He is The House.


Any friends? -

Almost all of the creatures who remain have a huge amount of respect for Fontaine. Without him and his smuggler tricks they would all be long dead.


Would he kill for sport? -

Fontaine is not a violent creature, but is not one to be crossed if provoked.


Can he play instruments? -

Any and all.


Is he good at crafts? -

He's one of the greatest craftsmen in the Kivouack arena. He made Ludwig's coat and even taught Lucy textiles.


.  Created Las Vegas

.  Best dancer that ever was.

.  Was infamous in the Kivouack for his illegal activities in the trading of body parts.

.  Is voice of the Las Vegas settlement.

.  Only ever trusted Ludwig, Lucy Lacemaker and Sombra.

.  Father figure to Ludwig and Lucy Lacemaker.

.  Created the art of the gamble.

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