Fleischer was born in the Madness Frontier, his early life consisted of wandering the Frontier trying to scavenge what he could from defeated Kivouachian Yolsh fighters. Whenever a skirmish took place, Fleischer would watch from a distance until the fight was concluded. Afterwards, he would feast on the dead. That was until he found a Yolshen fighter who was still alive. Mortally wounded, she begged him to kill her, yet Fleischer could not take a life, instead he did his best to save her, but could not. After witnessing the grim realities of death, and the undignified nature of it, Fleshier then decided to spare as many as he could from its grasp. 


Fleischer attempted to live in the Underbirth for a short period of time but was quickly placed under suspicion and chased out into the Madness Frontier by the Yolsh. 

Fleischer made a true home for himself with the other outcasts of Kivouachian society in the city of Joy, a mighty structure built upon the body of Locket's mother, Freyda. Joy would receive regular visits from Yolsh patrols, there they would rest and search for any excuse to punish law breakers. It was here that Fleischer would be captured by Shuck after committing a serious crime. He was dragged before Locket's court to be judged and sentenced by Lucy Lacemaker. He was found guilty and was sentenced to death. However, the newly promoted Ludwig, acting as Whisper to Winifred, made an arrangement with Lucy to instead have Fleischer serve as Winifred’s plaything. Ludwig did this, not to save Fleischer's life, but to gain favour with Winifred and it worked.


After countless years of degradation under Winifred, Fleischer was rescued by one of Winifred’s previous victims, Felicity. He then went missing, and was believed to be dead. He, like many others, reappeared during the final moments of the Kivouacks life, before its destruction. Many suspect that Fleischer was taken by Mandus, others believe he simply ran away, but Fleischer remains stubbornly silent about his disappearance, as does Winifred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is he a dragon? -

No, he's a Kivouachian, he simply shares traits with the mythical beast. Supposedly, it was a recording of Fleischer back in 2000 BC that started the myth. His presence on Earth, along with many other Kivouack creatures has been the seeds of many legends in human culture.


Does he have a crush on Winifred? -

Fleisher seems to feel sorry for Winifred. His relationship with her is rather complicated. He feels almost guilty for her injuries.


Why does Lucy hate him so much? -

Lucy and Fleisher have always hated each other. During Lucy's high standing as Judge in the Kivouack, she sentenced Fleisher to death for treason, although this was for a far more serious crime. Fleischer escaped death thanks to Ludwig who saved him, but only for his own selfish reasons. Lucy remains convinced that Fleischer is a traitor to the Kivouack species. 


Can he fly? -

With great ease and precision.


What does Fleischer think of the others? -

Fleischer is disappointed in Sullivan's loyalty to Ludwig and the Kivouack culture as he believes that the Kivouack had its time. He's good friends with Shuck and keeps a couple of eyes on Hyzenthlay. He greatly dislikes Lucy and Ludwig but has moderate respect for Fontaine and Wexle. He seems to care for Winifred a great deal.


What was Fleischer's previous occupation? -

Fleischer was apart of a motley grew of outlaws, he and his group would commit crimes of war by attempting to save those fallen in combat, Kivouachians believed in leaving the wounded where they fell, as their survival would muddy the gene pool. Lucy Lacemaker later sentenced him to death for treason.


Does he have any abilities? -

Of course, just like the others, the ability to rewrite his biology, although doing this requires conscious effort.


Is he the most rational? -

Far from it, he's certainly one of the most emotional and follows simian culture more closely, but even Lucy is more rational than Fleischer.


How does his intellect fair? -

Fleischer possesses a very impressive mind, but it doesn't hold up against Lucy Lacemaker, Ludwig, Winifred or Fontaine, who are all much wiser and intellectually superior. Fleischer does boast a greater intellect than most other Kivouack creatures and is certainly far above average, only beaten by the leaders of their kind, past and present. He's a genius when it comes to diplomacy.


Does he like Hyzenthlay? -

Fleischer likes Hyzenthlay personally, and looks out for her, but is a little weary of her too.


.  A catalyst for dragon myths on Earth.

.  Was an outlaw in the Kivouack.

.  Lived in the Madness Frontier.

.  Was hunted and captured by Wexle and Shuck.

.  Sentenced to death by Lucy Lacemaker.

.  Saved from death by Ludwig.

.  Served as Winifred’s ‘plaything’

.  Rescued by Felicity.

.  Probably the kindest Kivouachian.

.  Likes humanity.

.  Has had a pretty rough life.

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