Felicity was born in the Underbirth, she survived by killing whatever she had to and by keeping her wits sharp. She was famous for her speed and agility. She would often venture out into the Madness Frontier, as was her right, to explore and court danger. On one of her adventures she happened upon a messenger, a strange little creature who had no name and spoke not a word, yet he carried a bizarre object. This object was like nothing Felicity had ever laid eyes on before. She knew that this was her chance to change her fortune and gain the favour of the Thumme Courts. She killed the creature and took the object to the Thumme. Normally, this would have resulted in her eyes being burned out for entering a district beyond her station, but upon inspecting the object, Locket ordered Felicity to be immediately released. Felicity and Locket spoke for a long time about where the object was found and how it was obtained. Felicity explained her story with accuracy, more or less. After the discussion, Locket saw fit to name her a messenger of the Thumme, for her loyalty to her Grand Voice.


Due to her station, Felicity spent copious amounts of time ferrying messages from the Grand Court to all areas of the Kivouack, this meant a lot of interactions with Lucy Lacemaker. Sure enough, the two of them became mates, which drew the attention of Winifred, who then decided to make Felicity's life an impossibility. Finally, after delivering a message late, Winifred made her move. She first tore off Felicity's right arm and left wing, then burned them. After watching her scream for a short while, she beheaded her. She then had Felicity's body paraded around the Underbirth, after being contorted. Felicity's body was left in the Kasino long enough for it to be of sufficient entertainment to those living there. After which, both her body and head were tossed into the Madness Frontier.


After a significant amount of time had passed, her body was stumbled upon by Shuck, who revived her. After her long state of dormancy she found she had lost her mate, her position as messenger and her dignity. Yet, she too played a role in the push back against Mandus, and after the Kivouack's destruction, demanded her role of messenger be restored.  Ludwig granted her request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is she? -

Felicity has often boasted of her ability to run the length of the Uk in 5 hours.


Does she sleep? -

Felicity sleeps for about 30 minutes every 24 hours, this is due to her being constantly on the move.


Did she survive a Quitule? -

Yes, after she was tossed from the Underbirth and into the Madness Frontier, she gave birth to seven children, all of whom were killed by Shuck.


Her opinions on Lucy? -

Felicity is angry at Lucy for simply allowing her to be expunged from her life after Winifred shamed her. She feels like she needs closure, but cannot bring herself to face Lucy.


Her opinions on Quinn? -

Felicity deeply cares for Quinn, she can’t help but admire his total purity and kindness. She knows he won’t abandon her like the others in her life. She genuinely likes him.


How does she run? -

Felicity keeps balance using the wind resistance from her remaining wing, she is a shining example of how to adapt after tragedy.


Any other mates besides Lucy? -

She ‘slept around’ during her early years before she was promoted to Messenger, but she could never bring herself to love again, not after Lucy.


.  Probably one of the toughest Kivouachians, very hard to put down.


.  Extremely competitive and hates losing.


.  She believes herself to be the fastest Kivouachian that ever was.


.  She had an unbreakable spirit and is extremely stubborn.


.  Had a lasting friendship with Shuck.


.  Has excellent hearing and sight. 

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