This website has been created to serve as a repository for knowledge for all things pertaining to 'Satellite City'. This site is not designed to explain the events of the current plot, or in any way ruin the twists and turns planned for it. 

The information on this site is here to enrich the experience for anyone invested in the show. The lore provided is historical and delves into the backgrounds of all the characters. Hopefully you will find some enjoyment in learning of the events that lead the characters to their current positions within the story.         

Please note:

This lore site if for the YouTube show 'Satellite City' and is unrelated to the upcoming book 'The August Few' This site does not dictate any plot points pertaining to those books. 

This site pertains to works of absolute fiction. The views expressed by the characters and their culture do not represent the views of it's creator.

A book is being written based on the information collated on this site called 'The August Few.' It will act as on official telling of the story pertaining to the Kivouack, its history and its eventual destruction.

Keep an eye out for updates!